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INCURSION Pacific Theater – new metals!!!

INCURSION Pacific Theater – new metals!!!

It happened, we passed our first kidney (err pewter) stones!  4 NEW metal miniatures are going on sale for INCURSION Pacific Theater!!! Draft USMC Start Location Entry TOKEN First up, the Marines… The USMC will start with squad weapon and basic troop. INC 511...

Incursion Pacific Theater Massive Update!!!1 #23-01

  The human race screams in agony as the Second World War rages unchecked around the planet. Nations die and millions perish as civilization is brought to its knees in a global orgy of savagery and rage. The technology of war develops at a suicidal pace as all...

Contents List for each box/game

Please find here (as requested by many) a complete (ha ha tell me what I missed) listing of all chits, minis, dice, etc in INCURSION (aka Base Game, 2nd ed., Kickstarter Ed.); SNAFU (aka expansion, SNAFU Kickstarter Ed.); and EXTRAS (aka Assets, Kickstarter Extras,...
Got Interviewed by Brian over at Weird WWII

Got Interviewed by Brian over at Weird WWII

If you got 30 min, stop on by and check out the interview Brian did for me, great guy with a great channel. Gave out some fact and little history and shared some of the up and coming stuff with the man. Thanks brother!  ...
Fans of Incursion – Private Facebook Group

Fans of Incursion – Private Facebook Group

Hey all, Sorry long time between comms but been lots of work going on.  Getting processes down working with artists, 2D and 3D art under development.  Working on a few projects and keeping up with orders and day job, been a wee bit busy.  But some great people have...

Thank you and welcome back! (No fancy pictures, yet)

Hey everyone We’re back!!! The forum sandbox is back! Sorry it took so long. I think I would love to have a welcome back post from everyone! If you want to create a new subforum or post something please do, if we have to move it to keep it organized, we will, if you...

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