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The human race screams in agony as the Second World War rages unchecked around the planet. Nations die and millions perish as civilization is brought to its knees in a global orgy of savagery and rage. The technology of war develops at a suicidal pace as all sides in the conflict seek the weapon that will ensure a final victory. Dark things lurk beneath the Third Reich and their allies: twisted creatures of malevolent intent born of demented minds. It is a time of monsters and madness and armored behemoths spitting fiery death from their fearsome guns. Though chaos reigns and evil flourishes in this desperate age, it is also a time of heroes. Join us at TableTopBoardGames as we carry on the tradition set by Grindhouse Games as we journey through the bowels of a hell on earth and continue to fight for the very survival of mankind.
UPDATE #23-01: Mission Dossier – Dang it
Stardate, aw shoot, whatever… darn those fancy automatic things, they  failed me!!!  Sorry all, thanks to some really kind people I found out that the automatic update thingie has failed me.  So I have to manually push updates for now and you all wanted them, so here they come. Oh by the way, there was lots going on in 2020-21 besides a pandemic, my full time gig got nuts too I was one of the unfortunate that did NOT get to work from home, life got real busy.  Plus I want this done right, taking my time and developing as a one man show too.  NOTE: all art and stuff is subject to change, well, it happens for a lot of reasons, if you are curious why, ask, I like to share! Ok now onto the updates, gonna summarize all the work thus far organizing it by

·         timeline/steps – including some general Incursion stuff AND Pacific Theater

·         Pacific Theater background and contents

·         Pacific Theater 2D art

·         Pacific Theater 3D art

·         Pacific Theater Rules (draft, beta, … not yet final)

·         Pacific Theater Print and Play materials (draft, beta, … not yet final)

·         Pacific Theater Metal minis

·         Pacific Theater Kickstarter (?) for the plastics and game

Hey gang, lots going on, like:


·         Acquire all IP and assets (day before AZ shut down for COVID)  >>> March 2020

·         Moving Incursion metal mini production to the USA!! Sorry ROW >>> DONE April 2020

·         Setting up shop (online sales) >>> DONE June 2020

·         Investigate moving 6-fold to ~10” square tiles >>> on going

·         Check list of expansions in development (TTBG) range >>> on going (oh yeah more to come after PACIFIC THEATER or PT)

·         Select furthest a long to move forward (PT)


·         Going back to old 2013 start of Pacific Theater and getting all PNP updated >>> DONE July 2020

·         Develop list of all items required >>> DONE but always ongoing

·         Contract 2D and 3D artists to start work >>> contracts done, see below for full update 2020

·         Sculpting (3D stl files) prototype >>> DONE 2022 first pass, two revisions next – one for metal minis (oh yeah) and one will be done for plastics

·         Stats for minis >>> started 2021, updated 2022, updated 2023…

·         2D art started and in progress >>> started 2021

·         Metal mini vulcanized rubber mold test 1 in progress USMC B.A.R. Gunner is first, IJA sniper next??? >>> July 2023???

·         Box art begun and first layout started >>> look below!!!

·         Board art started >>> started June 2023, finish ???

·         Card art next and a ton of things

Pacific Theater background and contents

A new cool character and game play

Damean, was a Sargent in the 1st, who along with several others were stationed on Iwo Jima years ago and left for dead after the evac orders came. He was wounded and has been in a fever dream since from being shot at while getting food and ammo for the others survivors he was taking care of. So the Corporal took responsibility for the small group but took on the name Damean out of respect for the Sarge and to scare the heck out of the Japanese so they started thinking the creature was not a man and was a ghost and couldn’t be killed. The Corporal was “killed or wounded” but quickly the doctor took over for him and was blown up to pieces and never found (?), the last survivor, a nurse had been accidently left behind for dead, awoke in a hell hole, left behind with the others and quite deranged and has continued fighting a guerilla war for 5 years. She, a Navy nurse, but in great shape, with some combat experience fighting with the others has become a battle hardened guerilla warrior, and is quite the ghost, disappearing and sowing havoc among the Japanese.


Game play start with Damean the Ghost mini on the board playing Damean, leave the real character card under the Ghost character card and when attacked, can reveal which ghost the Japanese are fighting (and its stats), however, when the Japanese attack and “kill” Damean, remove the minis from the board, place the card into a discard pile, roll 1d6 and on a 6 another Damean takes its place immediately, on a 3,4 or 5 wait till next turn to have new Damean character and model enter the game unless roll a 1 or 2 no more Dameans can enter this game OR no more can enter if use all model cards up already.


Pacific Theater 2D art
So me and the 2D and 3D art teams have done a lot of weird things, photos, my drawings to art, 2D first, then 3D anything and everything we can but the champs who are busting the 2D art are amazing and they go from lineart, to shaded, colored, to backgrounds. But here are some in process, developed and whatever, this is the cover guy, the Oni

We actually stopped and had to focus on the face and work color for a bit too

No background

Da blue background, hmm that should be gray

We got some UDT and an NCO as well with Vril inspired adaptive camouflage

Japanese have been started as well, Col. Rikugun Taisa

His trusty but ever quiet Sargent

My favorite game play, the snipers, oh and we got troops and other weird stuff coming!!!

And also coming are the 1st Marines, led by Capt Jim, part swashbuckler and full time hero.

Fun game play the Medic and a tommy gun or two Sarge concept art (one used to be a gangsta)

Pacific Theater 3D art
Japanese IJA

Taisa Koji (the Colonel)

Sgt. Nagayama

There will be will be 12 poses of “hopping” zombies, in game play with 1 action point, they can leap over a mini and change direction, if they have an AP left, they can attack


Game Play – The IJA player must place all sniper tokens they desire on the board, the real ones are marked but flipped over so the Allies player cannot tell which are real and the decoy.  Upon an Allies model shooting at the token, the IJA player must reveal during a confirmed hit OR miss to show engaged forces,

The Oni

Nuff said


The Allies


The UDT join the allies, the 13th Grinders with tri-barrel 0.50 cal miniguns that can fire underwater or above!

Pacific Theater Rules (draft, beta, … not yet final)
All in the works, updating art, rules, etc (see below)
Pacific Theater Print and Play materials (draft, beta, … not yet final)
Slightly updated game play with PNP materials.  If you want the PDF;s please email me at

I haven’t updated to new artwork yet, that’s next.

Pacific Theater Metal minis
Seriously, they are coming! Probably first, I got ahead of myself in 3D art, started getting my masters printed
Pacific Theater Kickstarter (?) for the plastics and game
Well, I gotta feeling that I can release metals with cards? Probably first, as the 2D art catches up and the minis go from concept to 3D to casted metal, we will move closer to a Kickstarter, I have a feeling we are getting closer and closer.  I am sorting out a relationship with a US manufacturer for board games too as well as partnering on another project with a friend in Scotland to see if there might be a good solution for USA and ROW shipping!  If I was to guess a launch date, well, I would never gamble in Vegas, but I hope to be looking at next summer!  Gotta have a goal.

With that in mind, even got the box cover getting laid out.  But really, there is a ton of work and art and writing left, no way I feel its good enough to launch compared to Incursion 2nd ed, most of that work was actually already done before the KS.  So I will say next summer is the goal.

I will manually push updates from now on.  Mostly lots of artwork and writing and such going on… So… till next time y’all!


Jeff La Belle

tabletopboardgames, LLC