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Hey guys, I am Jeff LaBelle, I am a huge game enthusiast who is very interested in fantasy, sci-fi, horror, resource-driven, adventure, weird world war, etc games.

I have had experience with backing over 200 games on Kickstarter (some successful, some not) and have even ventured into helping people during the launch of their own games by providing data analysis, some print and play materials, calculators, beta testing, rule proofing, prototyping, etc. I have also used board games as a method of teaching product design and development in my engineering classes during my University Professor days. Although it may seem like two completely different worlds, there are a lot of similarities between the two, and this love for engineering and gaming coming together has really motivated me to launch my own game and acquire others.

I love games that can blend the worlds of large tabletop miniatures games and really fast and fun to play board games, hence TableTopBoardGames, LLC.  

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