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Please find here (as requested by many) a complete (ha ha tell me what I missed) listing of all chits, minis, dice, etc in INCURSION (aka Base Game, 2nd ed., Kickstarter Ed.); SNAFU (aka expansion, SNAFU Kickstarter Ed.); and EXTRAS (aka Assets, Kickstarter Extras,...
Happy 2022!!! – Untested Mission Dossiers

Happy 2022!!! – Untested Mission Dossiers

I wanted to put out some untested. unplayed Mission Dossiers for you all to play and test!  This is using the Kickstarter edition (2nd ed) – some use the Droptroopers, BEFORE the Rock fell, some neat new ideas, for you all to enjoy. Mission Phase Change v1 Mission the...
Incursion is back! Under new ownership…

Incursion is back! Under new ownership…

Hey y’all, it’s been a minute. Jim and John here from Grindhouse Games. We have now transferred all IP and assets from this Kickstarter and game and the future of incursion to Jeff La Belle at Tabletop BoardGames.  He also carries the Miniatures range from...

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