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Wardelve miniature Sephtani Zealot (lead-free pewter)


Wardelve Sephtani Zealot (lead-free pewter) miniature with 30 mm clear base. unpainted



The game of Wardelve centers around recruiting minions to your side while fighting off the pesky dungeon raiders from nearby cities and other creature lords who wish to rule the dungeons. The Sephtani Zealot is a highly detailed lead-free pewter, unpainted miniature standing 41.0 mm (to head) tall! Supplied with a clear 30 mm base. Kitbash for your own game systems, help build the future of Wardelve!!!

For all that the Tcheksis Warriors are fearsome and dangerous, the Sephtani Zealots pose a far more significant threat. Utterly devoted to the ideals and battle plans espoused by their superiors, the Zealots are fast, durable combatants who place the destruction of the enemy above their own personal safety. The Zealots do not blindly throw their lives away on suicidal charges and the like–rather, they have wills of iron do not hesitate to put themselves in harm’s way if doing so will allow their siblings to win the day.

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