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Wardelve miniature Tki’etik (3D printed resin)


Wardelve miniature Tki’liek, unpainted

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The game of Wardelve centers around recruiting minions to your side while fighting off the pesky dungeon raiders from nearby cities and other creature lords who wish to rule the dungeons. The Tki’etik aka the Burrower is a highly detailed 3 piece 3D printed ABS-like resin unpainted miniature standing 5-1/8” (130 mm) tall! Kitbash for your own game systems, help build the future of Wardelve!!!

A thankfully rare sight, each Tki’etik Burrower is a gargantuan Creature that seems somehow bound to the will of a specific Memphtana Magus. No one outside the walls of the necropoli know exactly where they come from, or if they are created from some other type of Tchim’Zzetri. What is known is that whenever one is spotted in a battle, only doom and carnage shall be left in the broken earth of its wake

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