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      La Belle

      We’re back!!! The forum sandbox is back! Sorry it took so long. I think I would love to have a welcome back post from everyone! If you want to create a new subforum or post something please do, if we have to move it to keep it organized, we will, if you don’t like it, tell us, this is OUR space!!! I would love to hear from everyone, love to see what’s in your minds. Painting, playing, everything! Welcome back to the SANDBOX

      Forum rules:

      1) BE NICE, we are all here because we are gamers, love Incursion (and other games) and just please be respectful, mods will be able to boot ya if you are trolling.
      1a) be a troll you get booted
      1b) see a troll, tell a mod please, don’t engage unless you have a magic sword +8 with enchantment and roll critical hits all the time (tell a mod please first)
      2) Post anything (appropriate), no spam, no advertising, but let’s have fun
      3) We will move stuff as we re-organize the forum, if we moved something wrong, let us know
      4) Have fun

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