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Fans of Incursion, fans of board games, we will soon launch the first game made by tabletopboardgames, its complete but we need your help spreading the word, with enough backers, this game will launch, fund and all.  Then focus goes to Incursion Pacific Theater, we will get that thru last steps of art, proofing, and line it up for our next KICKSTARTER.  Metal minis are on the way too, they will be here on our site, a few at a time unless the KICKSTARTERs do well, more will come faster! Help support gaming and massive tabletop games in a quick and easy to play board games with us!

Wardelve is a ready to play out of the box, the game takes only a few minutes to setup and you can start to play pre-laid out maps or a dungeon explore and crawl mode.

Setup is easy and fast, typically in minutes as you build as you play. Play can range from minutes to hours depending upon choice of game mode, number of players, etc. You will recruit minions, creatures from a large quantity of low level dust devils to fewer and fewer upper level creatures. While defending your dungeon from the pesky dungeon raiders… humans.. elves… dwarves… halflings…  stealing your treasures

Inside the box you will find 

  • 107 highly detailed 28 mm scale standees
  • 54 event cards,
  • colored miniature bases,
  • 4d20 dice, tokens and more,
  • tiles and boards and boxes

Basic Rules:

  • Select # of players, select who goes first (who did the most evil thing recently), start with two (2) Wind Devil (Level 1), one (1) Sand Demon (Level 2) and ten (10) copper pieces
  • Select modes of play (scenario based, pre laid out boards); random explore (boards laid out and inverted); or random draw
  • Spend your gold! (hire Creatures, buy traps and Creatures)
  • Move, explore (move into new board, draw a card immediately and follow instructions)
  • Attack (success = collect gold)
  • At end of everyone’s turn, collect gold

All this game content can be all used to create a three-dimensional dungeon that you will fight over by recruiting minions to your cause while avoiding the pesky dungeon raiders from looting your treasures.

This game, brought to you by TableTopBoardGames.us:

                Jeff La Belle, designer, game developer

                Stuart Hamilton, miniatures

                Michael Sobrado, prototyper

                Blake E Davis, artist

                Jacob Mandell, writer

                Ian  Benicio, Dany Melendez, 3D sculptors

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