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Wardelve miniature Memphtana Magus (lead-free pewter)


Wardelve Memphtana Magus (lead-free pewter) miniature with 30 mm clear base. unpainted



The game of Wardelve centers around recruiting minions to your side while fighting off the pesky dungeon raiders from nearby cities and other creature lords who wish to rule the dungeons. The Memphtana Magus is a highly detailed lead-free pewter, unpainted miniature standing 56.5 mm (to horn tips) tall! Supplied with a clear 30 mm base. Kitbash for your own game systems, help build the future of Wardelve!!!

The ruling class of the Tchim’Zzetri, the Memphtana are brilliant, determined, and ruthless leaders. Frequently skilled in the ways of both the occult and the forge, the Memphtana both lead and equip the warriors under their control. While not so mobile as Sephtani Priests, a Memphtana Magus has wings that are perfectly functional, and their ability to summon spirits and demons to their cause is second to none.

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