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Wardelve coins, 10 gold (3D printed resin)


Wardelve Coins. 10 gold. unpainted:



The game of Wardelve centers around collecting coins to recruit other minions to your side. These are highly detailed 3D printed ABS-like resin coins representing a gold piece (worth 10 points), a silver (worth 5 points) and a copper (worth 1 point).  In Wardelve, the game comes with 150 copper, 50 silver and 10 gold coins. Coins are available as: 10 copper, 10 silver, 10 gold; 10 of each (10 copper, 10 silver, 10 gold); 1 set 15 copper, 5 silver and 1 gold or 10 sets unpainted.  Kitbash for your own game systems, help build the future of Wardelve!!!