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Come play Incursion online!

Today we are excited to release Incursion as a free Tabletop Simulator mod: Tabletop Simulator is a 3D sandbox environment where you can play thousands of tabletop games online

This is a perfect way to “try-before-you-buy” and play Incursion with your friends during this lockdown. You can find players to battle with on our new Discord server (

The mod features all content released for Incursion 2nd Edition (play any of your favorite faction from any of the 4 available!)

The simulator is even scripted to provide 1-click setup for all 32 missions.


  1. Install Steam:
  2. Buy and install Tabletop Simulator.
  3. Go to the Incursion mod page (<LINK>) and click the green “+ Subscribe” button.
  4. Start up the Tabletop Simulator game.
  5. Click “Create” > “Singleplayer” > “Workshop” > “Incursion”.
  6. Play!

The mod was mostly created by Jim Slade, but he went radio silent a few years ago before publishing it. We sincerely hope he is doing well.

Jim shared the mod with Kevin O’Mara back in 2015 when Kevin was creating modular tiles for Incursion. Kevin finished up the mod and added scripted setup.

Thanks to Kevin (and Big Jim Slade!) and this is a happy holiday gift for all! Enjoy Incursion with your friends near and far!!!



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